Movies for Friday Night

Who wants to just rest around the house and spend a Friday night having movie marathon rather than partying? I am! Here’s my list of top six movies you can watch on a Friday night.

Grab your chips and beer!

Fast and the Furious

I so love this movie series. I literally cried when Paul Walker died in a car accident. I actually watched again the movies he starred in when he died. I was really nostalgic.

A Walk to Remember

This one is for the books. This emotional and heart wrenching story is my favorite romantic comedy which teachers us endless love.

Mission Impossible

So I am really into action movies and really, I love everything about Brad Pitt. Mission Impossible movie series is somethine I can over and over again without getting bored.

The Wedding Ringer

This one, for me, is really funny. I loved how the story goes and how it ended.

The Other Woman

Well, this sexy romantic comedy is also my favorite. I loved how Kate Upton had her first try on doing acting and it was not bad at all.

Bourne Legacy

I love Matt Damon and I also love Jeremy Renner too.

Actually, even when it’s not Friday night, I always watch movies online and television shows that peak my interest. It’s an actual relief for me while juggling my job as a developer of a business website. When it’s my break time, I go inject some movie time.

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