While planning a weekend getaway for you and your partner is vital once in a while, having some quality time together even just for minutes in a day—albeit the busy schedule, noise from the kids and dozens of workloads—will definitely improve and spice up your marriage in no time.


Here are simple ideas to improve your marriage in 30 minutes or less:

Go on a walk or drive a scooter together

Buy your beau a scooter (I definitely recommend Unu Motors’  eco-friendly and affordable) elektrische scooter for your daily adventures. Either you welcome the sunrise or go on an afternoon ride.  Whatever your schedules permit, make time for a 30-minute  bond, not only will it be beneficial to your health, having  but it also a good time to just enjoy each other’s company in a serene and relaxed atmosphere.

Do household tasks together

Nothing’s sweeter and more productive than doing some chores at home together with your partner—whether it’s cooking your dinner, washing the car and watering the plants or even folding clean clothes in the cabinet. This way, even while doing something productive, you’ll get to spend some quality time with your partner while talking about how your days went. This also brings back the old time when you do things together in your younger days.

Write your heart out

Write down the things that you love about him. List down those general reasons—he’s loving, thoughtful and sweet, then tell him the specific ones—he opens the doors for you, kisses you in the forehead when you’re tired from work, and even winks while you’re doing the laundry. Whatever it is the makes you fall in love him even more, tell and show him. This also brings positive vibe and enthusiasm towards a healthy relationship.

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