Does purchasing Amazon Prime Canada a nice move?

I get a lot of questions asking: how much is Amazon Prime Canada? Is it worth every penny? To be honest, even though it’s not possible yet because Amazon simply does not have as many resources up here in terms of amount of warehouses and employees, as they do in the United States of America, Amazon Prime Canada is becoming closer and closer to being as good as its American counterpart. Right now in the United States, that same day delivery is beautiful bonus, but we shouldn’t be expecting it to go immediately to the same rate up here, as it’s not even like that all throughout the United States. I mean, in most Urban centers in densely populated areas it is, but in areas that have similar population density to Canada, it’s not quite that expedient yet. What I can tell you that is if you have a man is on Prime Membership, you will get all of your deliveries for free. That means no matter how much online shopping to do, you’re never going to pay for shipping. This means that if you make a certain amount of orders in a year, the membership pays itself off pretty quickly, and that’s before you even dip into the other services that Amazon Prime offers.

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