Do you like to make your photos prettier?

To be honest, there’s no reason to be threatened by this photo filter rise at all, everybody can see that a pig is just a pig, even if it’s covered in makeup. I know that that might be a crude metaphor, but you know where I’m coming from, right? I mean, I just don’t see what the point in getting worked up about is. Yes, I understand, people of more tools at their disposal than they used to. But, professionals and people who are willing to invest money and resources also have more tools at their disposal in the used to, they’re just different tools. And, if you still want to continue using a nice camera and your variety of lenses, you’re still going to have an advantage over people that have a rather limited cell phone camera, as powerful as it may be. If you want to continue taking your craft as a photographer seriously, and not fold under the pressure, you will surely do fine. It just takes a little bit of adaptation. I think that photography has always been in a state of flux and progress, as it is a pretty young form, and if you look at it in 10 year increments the technology behind cameras has grown in amazing ways. Now, we’re at a point where people are taking virtual reality footage, and able to capture entire environments in 360 degrees, for other people to explore through clicking and dragging, and in the case of virtual reality, even interacting with. Regular people can fly drone cameras which soreĀ  thousands of feet into the air and can be controlled with a remote control. This is totally amazing compared to how things used to be, and, definitely, it didn’t used to be like this. So, with all of that in mind, of course a good photo filter is going to pass down to the public every now and then, and there’s no problem with that. If amateurs are making great photography, it is good for photography.

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