Rose quartz crystals for a cancer stricken friend

If you told me last month that there are perfect Gifts for Cancer Patients, I would not have believed you. I would have said that it sounds like Hokey Pokey bologna. However, when I got ill, and when I was very sick, I did not feel very good, until a friend of mine brought me a crystal ring, yes it was a token of tranquility, and in my darkest hour, I have like, and in the time where I was most upset and most distrustful of what life had to offer, I found a moment of Peace in perspective, and that was a major turning point in my experience. That was a major turning point in my experience and I’m not just talking about in that Illness, but in my entire life . I’ll never forget that, I’ll never forget the fact that I was given an object that gave me the opportunity to feel tranquil. I felt peace when I hadn’t felt peace in forever. It was a ring, a JuJu ring, that did amazing things for me. Since then, I have bought people Tranquility rose quartz crystals, I have purchased people Tranquility rainbow moonstone Crystal, and I have even bought people different charm chains for bracelets and all sorts of things like that, and I have to say, most people that I have given these two have had an experience with it that is eerily similar to mine. Even though I didn’t tell them about it. Initial reaction before I share them the information was almost identical to my initial reaction, and I do believe that this is rather miraculous, it is beyond coincidence similarities were so uncanny. To be honest, I don’t see any way that this is not completely legitimate, I know for a fact that it is one of the most important findings that I’ve discovered of my entire life, and I’ve simply stumbled onto the findings of Juju, and who knows how many generations of humans before this.

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