Going on a baptism

This weekend, I will be going to my niece’ baptism. I have not seen her in ages because I was away for two months. I bet she is still even more cute and cuddly than before. I remember the first time I held her in my arms, like I am her mother, and I was so happy to see her. Me and my sister is so close that is why I am was so happy she she declared she is having a baby. Anyway, I am now thinking what to wear for my niece’ baptism. Should I wear a dress? A white one? Or is it okay to wear some colors as it will have its venue in the garden? How about the shoes? Should I wear flats or high heels? Closed or open toe? Gosh I am so confused. But really, one thing I will not be confused off is my staple accessory. I have my wood watch with me which fits whatever outfit I have. I bought it in what I consider as the best wooden watches shop. I am also thinking to wear a sling bag so I will be comfortable in mingling with the guests.

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